Welcome, Parents!

  • What if parents lead their kids to Christ?
  • What if your child loved to learn?
  • What if teachers truly equipped parents?
  • What if the best of church, home, and school were cultivated together?​

It's possible at Daylily!

"Consider the lilies...watch them grow!"  ~Matthew 6:28

Daylily's Mission

Through the local church, the Daylily Learning Center partners with parents to nurture within their children a love of learning, a call to excellence, a close family bond, and a heart for Christ.  Together, we will tend to raising children who are prepared to honor their parents, defend their faith, succeed in their academics, and reflect His image to the world.

Daylily's Vision

We pray that, like the lilies of the field, our children may grow in faith and knowledge within the free and safe fields of intentional Christian learning and family life.  By nurturing the family core through faith and education, Daylily may plant seeds of family unity and love that may enable children and their parents to grow into agents of change for Christ in their church, their communities, and in the world.


Home Grown Faith and Education

Daylily Learning CENter 

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